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Service Management
Ken C. Thayer
President – Asset Management West
Sonni Sabahi
Portfolio Manager / Trader
Ron Hacker
Collection and Recovery
Clay Baldwin
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Dion DePaoli
Senior Analyst
Brian Safian
Transaction Management
Joe Sedeno
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Superior Intellectual Asset Management
With a long-established reputation for excellence, Sonni Sabahi is one of top performers in the whole loan trading business. As Managing Director of Occasio Rescap Fund Mr. Sabahi has proven him self by forming strong client partnerships among some of wallstreet’s biggest firms based on his ability to provide the highest quality of execution and distribution.
Core Disciplines




Complete Infrastructure

FHA Approved

150mm Under Management

Credit Repair

Servicing Transparency

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Through our intellectual servicing platform, our clients can access one or multiple core servicing disciplines from servicing, re-engineering assets or disposal and liquidation.
Executing On The Ground
Delivering Acquisition to Liquidation
Matching our targeted acquisition strategy to deliver projected returns, we put our servicing capabilities to work every day on behalf of our clients. We deliver on the ground asset by asset helping clients achieve and exceed fund models
Transparency Positioning
In terms of asset management and servicing, we have positioned our selves to maximize value for our clients by connecting them and having them participate in the liquidation of assets. We do this by aligning our objectives in real-time with our servicing facility and clients to deliver superior liquidation speed, transparency and efficiency for our clients.
Intellectual Asset Managers
Our asset managers provides customized portfolio management. Experienced asset managers, each with a distinct non-adverse and discipline, tailor stratiegies to fit each borrower. Customized modifications can easily be made to accomodate any special concerns, such as tax liens and second liens
Based on its extensive distressed servicing experience and depth of resources ICM provides the financial and strategic management necessary for successful asset disposition. Dedicated to providing total transparency and accountability of servicing and asset disposal our asset managers are recognized for the quality and timeliness of asset liquidations.
Servicing Infrastructure
Asset Management west is a full servicing asset manager which operates out of two locations aggregating 150 million under management. the asset under management by a team of 40 professionals in orange county under the leadership of Ken C Theyer. Asset Management West is an extension of Intellectual Capital Markets platform which has a team that has participated in over 100 million in trades in 2007.
Key Features:
Risk Management
Chuck Harkins
Vice President -Analyst & Risk Management – Occasio Rescap Fund
Demonstrating Intellectual Risk Management
Many of our Acquisitions require us to take risks, but we only take those risks we understand, where we have unique insight, and where the rewards are sufficient to justify the potential cost. Taking these risks and managing them well is the job of every member of the Firm.
Core Disciplines




Pre-Trade Analytics

BPO Risk Analysis

HPD Forecasting

Pre-Trade Analytics

Loan Portfolio Rebalancing

Fundamental Risk Models

Pre-Trade Analytics

Transaction Cost Forecasting

Post Trade Reporting

Credit Risk Models

Fund Performance Models

Our due diligence process typically generates price improvements and reduce market risk in executions occurring at or within the bid, offer, and final price. This also enables our team to check for improvements before trade settlement to reduce exposure.
Intellectual Intelligence
Superior Client Service: Delivering Intellectual Risk
As independent partners, we all have a vested interest in delivering for our clients and are deeply committed to building smart risk for our clients. Our goal is to deliver superior returns to all of our partners, investors, and clients. We do this by committing to opportunities that offer exceptional returns, by focusing on productivity, expense discipline and profitability. In addition, we manage our risks to maintaing our strength and preserve our reputation. One of the hallmarks of our success will be in the strength of our risk management record that will produce value for our clients and partners.
Risk Management: Guiding each step of the investment process.
Our Risk and Analytical support capability throughout the investment process including portfolio cost forecasting, BPO analytics, valuation strategy and fund strategy.
Key Features:
Everyone is a Risk Manager

Our investments require us to take risks, but we only take those risks we understand, where we have unique insight, and where the rewards are sufficient to justify the potential cost.

Taking these risks and managing them well is the job of every team member. That’s the ideal because no one small, central group can evaluate every assumption of risk. We must do and rely on all team members to think before they act. This vigilance works because we treat everyone as a risk manager, guarding against inappropriate risk.

We overlay that universally shared responsibility with rigorous attention to managing our liquidity, our capital commitments, our expenses and our reputation. We watch them all very closely, making it a mission- critical priority to practice active and intelligent risk management at the highest levels of our team.

In an electronic age, markets can shift instantaneously, so we stress=test our assumptions as we pursue, in a balanced and focused way, real-estate acquisitions. We will continue to utilize this meticulous approach as we enter each potential acquisition, introduce new asset classes and build our existing platform in order to better serve our clients, partners, investors and deliver deep value.